Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nemesis, The Living Legend


Now a days a band Nemesis is performing awesome and the improvement is unbelievable. I think that at a time in future the generation of bangla will be ruled by Nemesis. At present Nemesis is one of the most popular bands for their clear music. Nemesis is a rock band. The band was first started in the earlier of 1999. As we know that in the beginning none can get hopeful response but it was such a miracle  that the band became favourite at the first time among the listeners in Dhaka.

Nemesis, the band was formed by the school friends. But there was some changes of line up, and almost for that the band got popularity. They released their first song "Obocheton" in a mixed album titled "Agontuk-2" in 2003. And the response was such unbelievable. Then in 2005 an album titled "Onneshon", the Major albums of the year was by Nemesis. And it was their first achievement but not the end.  With the release of 'Dhushor Bhabona' (2006) and "Joyoddhoni" the following year, Nemesis also earned mainstream recognition as both the singles went on to be included in the "Radio Foorti Top 100 Singles". Who can say that that was just the starting.

Nemesis - KobeDuring the year 2005 the band, Nemesis had been engaged in numerous concerts and events largely concerning social awareness/issues amongst other relevant affairs. Of these, the events well worth a mention: ‘Say No To Drugs’ concert in Gulshan Youth Club (2008), ‘Save the Children’, ‘Stand up Against Poverty’ concerts in the Dhanmondi Amphitheater (2009), ‘Vote for Sundarban’ concert at the Army Stadium organized by BAMBA (2010) and the UNDP sponsored 'No to Violence against Women' organized by BAMBA (2011).

The band has also appeared in several corporate-sponsored events which include the 'Banglalink Music Festival', the successful series of Tribute shows sponsored by BAT as well as many other shows promoting different brands and products. In addition, the group has also proved itself successful in many different club shows with performances at the International Club, the American Club as well as appearance that highlighted Aurum's New Years event at The Radisson, December 2009. The band not only performs in live concerts, but also in radio and television programs and media publications.
After that the band did not stop. In 2012 the band released their second album, "Tritio Jatra" under the banner of Deadline Music sponsored by Cat's Eye. The album has gone on to receive wide critical acclaim, and has seen the band establish themselves as forerunners to represent the next generation of rock in Bangladesh's proud musical history .After that their first groundbreaking official video "Kobe" was released by Salzar Rahman and Studio Bangi. And after the successes Nemesis is one of the most popular band of Bangladesh.

The latest line up :

Zohad - vocal & guitars
Maher - guitars & back vocal
Omayr - guitars
Ratul - Bass
Dio - Drums

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Azam Khan, The PopGuru of Bangladesh

Azam Khan with L.R.B
Azam  Khan, the man who first started Bangla Pop & Rock songs in Bangladesh. He is  a legend of Bangladesh. All the modern pop & rock bands follow the trace of Azam Khan and reach their lastest position. He is the pathfinder of the modern music culture.

Azam Khan a.k.a Mahbubul Haque Khan at first  founded a band called Uchcharon in the earlier 1971s. And the band members were Azam Khan, Fakir Alamgir, Ferdous Wahid, Firoz Shai, Najma Zaman and Pilu Momtaz. But that time, it was not easy. But they did not stop their work and continued their project.

Azam Khan's WordsAzam Khan  was a Freedom fighter in Sector 2 under late Brigadier Khaled Mosharraf and fought against the Pakistani army in the Liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. After the war, he introduced an energetic brand of music. His first concert in television was broadcasted in 1972 in Bangladesh Television. His popular tunes included  "Rail liner bostite","Ore Saleka, Ore Maleka", "Jibone Kichhu Pabona Re", "Ami Jare Chaire", "Ashi Ashi Bole Tumi", "Obhimani", "Hei Allah Hei Allah Re", "Alal O Dulal" etc.
Man is mortal, but some are immortal who lives in the heart of the other peoples after their death. Azam khan is one of them. He is no more but his songs gives us inspiration to fight with our life and our society. Azam Khan died on 5 June 2011 at 10:20 pm in Dhaka CMH hospital at age 61. He was suffering from oral cancer which had spread to his lungs and on that day we lost our Pop Guru. We should remember his name with most respect.