Monday, June 4, 2012

The New Album Of Warfaze "Shotto"

Warfaze-ShottoWarfaze is one of the most popular  band for their hard rock & progressive metal songs. The emergence of Warfaze defined a new horizonin Bangla music. The have released 7 albums and got succeed. The albums are Poth Chola, Moharaj, Oshamajick, Alo, Obak Valobasha, Jibon Dhara & Warfaze. But during 9 years there is no album of this band. They are working for the album, "Shotto" and the work of the album is almost finished.

Latest line-up of the album, Shotto:

Mizan - vocal
Kamal - lead guitar
Oni - lead guitar
Shamir - lead guitar
Rojar - bass guitar
Tipu - drums
Shams - keyboard and back-up vocal
Tipu - drums and percussion

Warfaze-ShottoTracks in this album are:

             Banglalink Tune

If you need the lyrics of the tracks of this album, click here.

Guitar solos:
            Oni solo (2.40 to 3.03)
            Oni solo (3.21 to 3.39)
            Kamal solo (3.57 to 4.35)

            Oni solo (2.27 to 2.48)
            Kamal solo (2.49 to 3.19)
            Kamal solo (4.42 to 7.18)

Warfaze            Kamal solo (4.51 to 5.34)
            Oni solo (5.34 to 6.16)

            Oni solo (1.47 to 2.01)
            Oni solo (3.41 to 4.18)
            Kamal solo (6.05 to 6.40)

            Kamal solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

Riff: All riffs played by oni

The songs are performed by warfaze.The sponsor is Banglalink and you can also hear the songs in radio ABC.


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Download Formal Inn's Gift For Warfaze:
A Gift from Formal Inn. Song: Protikkha (Tribute ) By Formal Inn
Track 9

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