Friday, September 21, 2012

L.R.B (Love Runs Blind) New Album "Juddho"

A band which was first started in 1991 and became much popular in those days. The band was L.R.B (Love Runs Blind) and the founder member of this band is one of the best guitar player of Bangladesh, Ayub Bacchu. Starting of his career Ayub Bacchu plays guitar and write lyrics in the band Souls. Souls originally was based in Chittagong but later moved to Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh. Souls was started in 1972 and its first gigs where performed in hotels where they did reproductions of American pop music. Bachchu joined the Souls band as lead guitarist in 1976 and left the band in 1991 to start L.R.B.

In that time many drummer such as M H A Joyy, Milton, Akbar, Riyadh, Sumon, Riyadh came to the band to show their talent. L.R.B released their first double album in 1992 and has released 10 albums through year-end 2007.Also, Ayub Bachchu has recorded six solo albums.

The Latest Line-Up:

            Ayub Bachchu - Lead Vocal & Guitar
            Masud - Guitar
            Swapon  - Bass
            Romel - Drums

Studio albums:

            00.  L.R.B 1 & 2 (1992)
           01. Shukh (1993)
           02. Tobuo (1994)
           03. Ghumanto Shahare (1995)
           04. Shwapno (1996)
           05. Amader? Bishmoy! 1 & 2 (1998)
           06. Mon Chaile Mon Pabe (2000)
           07. Achena Jibon (2003)
           08. Mone Achhe Naki Nai (2005)
           09. Sparsho (2008)

Mixed Albums:

           01.  Chamak (1994)
           02. Capsule 500 mg (1996)
           03. Screw Drivers (1996)
           04. Dhun (1998)
           05. 6 Band '99 (1999)
           06. Hit! Run! Out!
           07. Dabanol (2008)

This band is very popular but during four years there are no new albums released. But now they are working for their new album, Juddho. They've release this album. Buy the album.

 The tracks are:

      Aagun Niye
      Ekti Chele
      Je chole Jai
      Abar Juddhe Jabo
      Purotai Faaki
      Shaap Luddu