Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shironamhin's Self Titled Album


Ziaur Rahman Zia, the guitarist and Tanzir Tuhin, the vocal started the band in 1996 named Shironamhin. They are very popular for their tracks. Their tune, lyrics, composition are awesome. They are very popular in dhaka and other areas. The band have released 4 studio albums. Their albums are:

    Jahaji (2004)
    Icche Ghuri (2006)
    Bondho Janala (2009)
    Rabindranath (2010)

They also worked in several mixed album such as: Neon Aloy Shagotom (2007), Shopnochura 2 (2006), Shopnochura 3 (2007), Bondhuta (2008), Rock 101 (2008) etc. Their most famous tracks are Hashimukh, Cafetaria, Bondho Janala etc.
Now e days they are working for their fifth and selftitled album. In this album they are releasing Abar Hashimukh track and a music video will be released of this track. This album will be released in the ramadan eid 2013.

Latest Lineup :

    Tanzir Tuhin - Vocal
    Ziaur Rahman Zia - Bass
    Diat - Guitars, Banjo
    Tushar - Guitars
    Rajib - Keyboards, Synths, Keys
    Shafin - Drums

Old Members :

    Jewel - Guitar
    Farhan - Sarod, Dotara
    Prince - Keys

Soon you will get the link of download and lyrics.