Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Velvet Wings, A Bangladeshi Rock Band of Bangladesh

 A Bangladeshi rock band founded in 2008 have changed lineup many times.  And at last now they've new lineup to continue their journey properly. They've performed in many concert as an underground band. The band is influenced by Guns N Roses, Creed, Alter Bridge, U2, Dream Theater, Poets of The Fall, AC/DC, LRB, Warfaze, Miles, De-illumination. They’re famous for their released track, Tomari Jonno. The band is Velvet Wings. Now they’re working for their first solo album. I think they’ll succeed for their talent.

The Latest Lineup:

    Voice & guitar - Raj
    Lead guitar & Backing voice - Tushar
    Drums - Nazeid
    Keys - Rifat
    Bass  - Saife

    Photographer - Mridha Saiful
    Online promoter - Rehan Kabir

Ex-Band Members:




Key board:

As they changed the lineup, the history of this band is very complex. This band was formed back in 2008 with the genre heavy metal; when Nazeid, Tushar and Rana were in Dhaka City College. At that time, the name of this band was "Metal Militia" suggested by Rana. Later, Shahed joined with us as a vocal. But as he didn't satisfy us so they had to tell him good bye after a few number of jamming sessions. They felt that they need another guitarist for covering Megadeth & Metallica numbers. Then they found Rocky who started to play with us as a lead guitarist cum vocal. After 6 months, Rana left Metal Militia and joined another band. In January 2010, Metal Militia reformed with Rocky, Nazeid and Anik. In the same time Mishu joined with us as a vocal.

In May 22nd 2010 Rocky (guitarist), went to Italy for completing his graduation. And in July 25th 2010, Anik (bassist) was dismissed for his insincerity. In January 9th 2011, Raj joined with us as a new guitarist and Dip as a new bass guitarist while Rumel was playing the role of the vocalist.

They started a fresh new journey and changed their genre to "Rock/Alternative Rock". Raj suggested few good names for the band and everyone selected "VELVET WINGS" from there. At the end part of year 2011, vocal Rumel went to Germany for completing his studies. Velvet Wings had to stop jamming for few months.

On December 2011, Nazeid asked Raj (guitarist) to become the vocalist for the band. Raj agreed. And Velvet Wings started to jam again. But after few months, Dip left the band for some personal reasons. On March 2012, Sazzad joined us as a bassist. On November 2012, Rifat (Prottush) filled in as a keyboardist.On December 2012, bassist Asad left the band for some personal problem. After that on February 26, 2013, Saife Johan joined Velvet Wings as a bassist. And they are still continuing the journey together.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aushruto’s First Solo Album, Nirban.


Aushruto is a Bangladeshi Rock band. There is also a bit progressive touch in their music. They started their journey from 2007. But in such few time they have much popularity. Especially they are known to all for their first released track, Sporsho in a mix album, The Last Era. Recently they have released their first solo album, Nirban. I think you'll like the tracks. The tracks and the music is different from others. The album was released from  incursion music.

Aushruto’s First Solo Album, Nirban.
The Tracks of Nirban:

      01. Nirban
      02. Olikhito Dukkho
      03. Mone Pore
      04. Dhulo Pora
      05. Onupran
      06. Wisper To Survive
      07. Shomadhir Moto
      08. Karigor [Tribute to Humayun Ahmed]
      09. Kothay?
      10. Ekush Niye
      11. Shesh Aabeg

Aushruto is influenced by Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron maiden, Scorpions, and so on…..But they are interested in rock or progressive rock music. The band is fulfill for their lineup. Each member is a piece of mirror. So one can see other fours in his own reflect. By this five different reflects they extend themselves with an exquisite symphony.

The Latest Lineup of Aushruto

The Latest Lineup:

Shimon - Vocal & Keys
Sunny - Drums & Percussion
Sehan - Bass
Ishat - Guitar
Zami - Guitar

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Country Musical Band, Joler Gaan And Their First Album Otol Joler Gaan

Joler Gaan

Joler Gaan is a Bangladeshi folk band. They write pure rural bangla lyrics and use rural and country instrumentals. They are performing countries by expressing and manifesting our own culture. We know our culture has a huge collection of folk music (locally known Baul Gaan, Pala Gaan, Jatra Gaan, Mati o Manusher Gaan etc).  Joler Gaan is working on folk Song. Every song of Joler Gaan are based on natural thing. Some song of Joler Gaan are listed below which are got most popularity. And they have recently released their first album, Otol Joler Gaan in Pahela Boishakh.

Joler Gaan And Their First Album Otol Joler Gaan

 The Tracks of this Album:

        01. Patar Gaan
        02. Dure Thaka Megh
        03. Brishtir Gaan
        04. Kagoger Nouka
        05. Bokul Ful
        06. Aayna [Anusheh Anadil]
        07. Jhora Patar Gaan
        08. Urcchi Keno?
        09. Ronger Gaan
        10. Emon Jodi Hoto
        11. Baula Batash

Joler Gaan started their journey in 2004. Rahul, Kanak, Jarnal and Xem started the journey of Joler Gaan. This band is came from Dhaka University. Firstly they performed in side of roads, TSC and All over the campus of Dhaka University. And they were interested in our cultural and country music. Every country has their country musical band. But there was not any country musical band in Bangladesh. So they strated their journey to protect our country music and spread our country music in the whole world.

The Latest Line of Joler GaanThe Latest Line Up:

Rahul Anand - vocals, flutes, dotara,
                         noyontara, pianica

Kanak Aditya - vocals, banjo, tarabaan 
Saiful Jarnal – vocals, percussions 
Shariful Islam - violin 
ABS Xem – vocals, guitar 
Sanjay - chondrabaan 
Rana sarwar - cajon, percussions 
Shyamal Karmakar -dhol, drums 
Fazlul Kader Chowdhury Mithu - Sound Engineer 

They started our music career in 2006. Since then they performed around the country and beyond the boundary as well. However no record company has yet approached them or shown any interest to release their songs in their banners. Nevertheless if any record label still wishes to appear in the horizon for them, they will be, only too delighted to work with them. The cost for the album has been borne exclusively by Joler Gaan members, from the performance remuneration we have earned over the years. They would like to generate a positive message for the next generation, that money can never be an obstacle for good work.
Joler Gaan

Monday, April 22, 2013

Classic Rock Band, Moruvumi And Their First Solo Album Jiboner Srotee

Moruvumi And Jiboner Srotee

Moruvumi is a Bangladeshi classic rock band. There are a very few classic rock bands in Bangladesh. But among them Moruvumi is one of the best I’ve ever seen. They have only released an unreleased track, Protikkhar Prohor in Fm. And from that they have acquired much popularity that anyone can even make such in first time. And after the great success, now they are going to release their first solo album, Jiboner Srote. They have almost finished their album work and the album will release in May, 2013. I think from this album they will succeed because they have promised talents in it.

The Tracks of this Album:

    01. Jiboner Srotee
    02. Oshohay
    03. Tomakey
    04. Metho Poth
    05. Mukhosh
    06. Shunnota
    07. Manobota
    08. Choto Bela 
    09. Protikkhar Prohor [Released in FM]

In 2009 some school friends founded a band named BlackHole. Then for some reasons and technical problems some band members also joined as well as left. Then in 2009, from the reunion of CHL (Commerce Help Line) the band has come at lime light with the new name as Moruvumi. And again there became some ups and downs and the lineup was changed again. From then the band Moruvumi permanently found a lineup. After that they are trying to keep their promises. Cause the band has promised talents in music. The influence of this band is not a single band or not any single person. Cause they are influenced by each and every musician. But after that they are highly inspired by Metallica,Iron maiden, pink Floyd ,Guns N' Roses, Opeth, Dream theater , Warfaze, Scorpions ,Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles…..etc.

Latest Lineup of MoruvumiThe Latest Lineup:

       Saif - Vocal
       Sujan - Guitar 
       Mamnun - Guitar 
       Rehan - Drums
       Plabon - Keys
       Ferdows - Bass 

Self Portrait And Their Solo Album Tomra Ebong Prithibi

Self Portrait

A Bangladeshi progressive metal band who believes in dignity and integrity. The band was formed in 19th September 2006 with an intense power for doing good music. The name of the band is Self Portrait. They think that that can observe the reflection of themselves though Music. And now they have proved their talent though their music, the people like. Now they have released their first solo album, Tomra Ebong Prithibi. This album is totally full of musical skills. Every track is awesome in my own comment.

Self Portrait's Solo Album Tomra Ebong Prithibi             The Tracks of the Album is:

                 01. Jaago
                 02. Bidrohi
                 03. Koishore
                 04. Shopner Opshori
                 05. Tomake Ghire
                 06. Keo Kothao Nei
                 07. Prarthona
                 08. Shotto Mitthar Juddh
               [for Lyrics Click here]

Self Portrait started their journey in September, 2006. And they started concert from 2007 in such Universities like AUST, AIUB, EWU and etc. At the end of 2009 the band joined the underground scenario and did lots of shows with their own tracks and some tributes. Then they participated in an Underground Band Competition of Bangladesh KING OF THE RING and with all the love and prayers from the audience and for their talent they became the Champion of KING OF THE RING.

The Latest Line Up of Self Portrait:

Self Portrait Latest Line UpEkram - Drums & Percussions
Rijesh - Vocals
Rangon - Guitars, Vocals
Hasan - Flute 
Saikat - Bass, Vocals
Arefin - Guitars
Sound Engineer - Shawon
Photography - Hasan Mahmud

Actually according to Self Portrait’s point of view everyone has something special in them. So in that sense they are inspired by each and every one. But at the end of the day, there are some bands whose music just comes out naturally for them and which they can’t stop anyway, anyhow most commonly Dream Theater and Metallica r their greatest inspiration and other than that bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Pantera, Opeth, Symphony-X, Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Rush, Yes, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Camel, Guns n’ Roses, Scorpions, Alterbridge and apart from that, from Bangladesh they are very much inspired by Warfaze and also Artcell, Aurthohin, Black etc they've got so many inspirations can’t be finished.

Addressing them as progressive metal doesn’t mean to tie themselves in a single genre. It’s really difficult to explain progressive in a single conclusive way because it contains no boundaries. Their music comes directly from our heart. Whatever comes in it, it may be even jazz, blues, folk, country whatever it is we just bring it on and rip it off.

Self Portrait

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Theatrical Rock Band, Theatrical And Their First Album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto

Theatrical is an upcoming band with a very rare and unexpected genre, Theatrical rock. This band became famous because of their isolated and spiritual music. This band is influenced by Moheener Ghoraguli, LRB, Vikings, Iron Maiden, Dio, Porcupine Tree, Guns N Roses....etc. From this we can understand that their music may be spiritual type. And now they have released their first solo album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto.

They founder members of this band is Galib Azim (Father of Theatrical Rock) and Biddut Rahman. They are almost eight years experienced about this type of music. Cause they are also founder member of a renowned band, Shohortoli. Shohortoli is such the best theatrical band in Bangladesh. But now  Galib Azim and Biddut Rahman have left Shohortoli due some personal reasons and some technical problem of the band. And then they started Theatrical Band on the middle of the last year. And then after almost a year they have released their first album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto.

The tracks of this album:

04.Ondho Tirondaj
05.Ekla Valobashi
07.Shuhure brishti
08.Biday Balerina
09.Raat Prohori

 The tracks of this album is written by Galib Azam except Utpakhi and Ekla Valobashi. We're expection this album will be awesome and we all are going to enjoy such the spiritual tracks.

The latest line up of this band:

Galib Azim - Lead Vocal, Song Writer
Biddut Rahman - Vocal, Guitar, Band Management
Kazi Manam- Guitar, Back Vocals
BasharAtanu - Keyboard, Studio and Recordings, Tour Coordinator
Pintu Ahmed - Bass Guitar, Accounts
Rakib Hassan - Drums
Photographer - Ridwan Adid Rupon

The latest line up of Theatrical

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Funeral Anthem's First Album Oprotiroddho

Funeral Anthem

Funeral Anthem, a Bangladeshi power metal band influenced by several Symphonic Power metal and Neoclassical bands started their musical life by releasing their first solo album, Oprotiroddho. They have released their album for a few d

ays and now we can feel their success. This album is released by INCURSION.

Arunav Shuvro and Tawsif Haider, the founder members started their tour during 2007 along with the bassist, Tanvir Kaium. They started jamming several heavy metal tracks, forming a heavy metal band called Metalloids. After developing their personal skills they wanted to make an Extreme Power Metal and Symphonic Metal. Then the quest for finding a keyboardist with the capability of playing with raw speed as well as delivering alleviated key feels began. After several searches and auditions, all that the members got was frustrating results. Finally after one year of laborious search they found Maruf Rashid Khan. Then vocal Faiyaz Hossain, finally agreed to lead the band and then Funeral Anthem was finally finding its shape and was later joined by Nayeem Abdullah Oyon as the drummer who could detonate drum blasts just like the way the founder members wanted. With a complete line-up, Funeral Anthem was ready to explode. With perfection in the horizon, the time is right for this band to make it big.

The latest line up:

Faiyaz Hossain - Vocals
Arunav Shuvro - Lead Guitars
Tawsif Hyder - Lead Guitars
Foysal Ahamed Tanim (Pavel ) - Bass Guitar
Nayeem Oyon - Drums and Percussions
Maruf R. Khan - Keyboards

In March 29, 2008 the band started their tour by getting success. They released their first track Shomadhi in a band mix album, Rock 505. That was their first success. Then after two years, in 2013 they have released their first album, Oprotiroddho. They were able to show their talent in this album. And for that many people became fan of this band.

                                                                 The tracks of Oprotiroddho:

                   01. Funeral Anthem - Prologue
                   02. Funeral Anthem - Bangladesh
                   03. Funeral Anthem - Oprotiroddho
                   04. Funeral Anthem - Chaiya
                   05. Funeral Anthem - Jolodosshu
                   06. Funeral Anthem - Shitol Shujjo
                   07. Funeral Anthem - Intermizzo
                   08. Funeral Anthem - Ontim Jatra
                   09. Funeral Anthem - Ahobban
                   10. Funeral Anthem - Tiktiki
                   11. Funeral Anthem - Khobh

The band is mostly known for branding this new style of Power Metal music in Bangladesh. The band finessed the Power Metal movement in this country with its distinctive style of song writing that included one of a kind keyboard orchestrations and synth work. The main aim was perfection and pure dedication towards what they wanted to and what they are doing now.

Funeral Anthem

Monday, April 1, 2013

Upcoming Thrash/Groove Metal Band, Minerva


This upcoming thrash/groove metal band has already enrich many things and it just prove their popularity but also their talent. They performed in many live shows. Now a days they have released their solo track, Odrissho GrohoraajMritturShesh 6 and two serial videos named Making Of The Tribute (In The Studio) in two parts. From this they have earned many of their popularity. But before everything they have proved their talent in Battle of Bands in 2011. Their guitarist, Sultan Rafsan Khan won as the best guitarist and their drummer, Tawfiq Ahmed Bijoy won as best drummer.
Minerva about Battle of BandsMinerva started their tour of their band in 21 february, 2009. But before, Bijoy and Rafsan have been jamming for almost 3 years n on the other hand Ishmi and Nabil have been in another project. As they were looking for sumthing different Shohan came and took control of the Band & the situation by introducing us. Thus they jammed together and it was like an icing on the cake. Everything came together and fell into places and we all felt an element of sheer confidence running through their veins like never before. They figured that they wanted to stay together through the music we share....We want to shape and redefine music in Bangladesh Music Scenario. But in January 2010 Ashiq left the Band due to studies. In May 2010 Niloy Kabir from Unscarred joined the band as the replacement for Ashiq...He made his debut with the band at 1st May at "ARUNODOY" SSC batch community 2010. In June 2011 Niloy Kabir left the Band and Injamamul Haque Galib Joined the Band.

Latest lineup of MinervaThe latest lineup of this band:

Ishtiak Tanvir Ishmi - Vocals
Sultan Rafsan Khan - Guitars
Injamamul Haque Galib - Guitars
Nayeel Risat - Bass Guitar
Tawfiq Ahmed Bijoy - Drums
Shohan Al Masud - Band Manager

The Daily Independent published about live performance Minerva

The Daily Independent published about live performance the band is They Came, They Sang And They Conquered. This band was influenced by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, Lamb Of God, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Kreator, Children Of Bodom, Mudvayne, Dream theater and many others.