Monday, June 18, 2012

New Mixed Album, Rock 808 & Rock 909

Iqbal Asif Jewel

One of the most popular mixed album series in Bangladesh is Rock. And the albums are released by Iqbal Asif Jewel. Iqbal Asif Jewel was the guitarist of the legend band Miles. Yet there were released seven albums. The released albums are Rock 101, Rock 202, Rock 303, Rock 404, Rock 505, Rock 606 & Rock 707. Rock compilations are the yearly projects to promote the UG scene of Bangladesh. And soon there are going to released two new albums Rock 808, Rock 909. It will be released in 2012. 

Rock 404 & Rock 505The series albums are very effected for the new and underground bands. From the series of the mixed album many underground and unknown album got publicity. And so that the album series is more popular then other.

The first album of this series was Rock 101 and it was released in 2008. Then the second and third album Rock 202 & Rock 303 albums were released in 15 August, 2009. Almost 100 demos were submitted 20 bands were primary selected for this album. And after that the response of the underground bands was unbelievable. About 200 demos were submitted for the next album. And then 07 september, 2010 the next two albums Rock 404 & Rock 505 were released. Through these albums many underground bands such as Dreek, Power Surge, X Fector etc rise today. And at last in 28 August, 2011 Rock 606 &Rock 707 albums released.

And this year Iqbql Asif Jewel is going to release two more albums of this series titled Rock 808 & Rock 909. For more informations and updates about these albums SMS JEWEL and send to 3636.

Rock 606 & Rock 707

Friday, June 8, 2012

Isha Khan Duray And His New Album Hatiar

Isha Khan Duray

Isha Khan Duray:

Now a days there are many musical bands who are performing and releasing many types of songs and are getting success. But in a time none knew about these bands.They were solely dependent upon the national radio station and BTV. It was a very tough time for all of them.Then a musician released some mixed albums with these bands and the bands proved their talents. And Isha Khan Duray is one of them.  He had has the vision of finding and promoting new talents.


Around 1988 first Isha Khan Duray listened  and thought about music deeply. At that time some bands started to came in the scene. Bands like Winning, Obscure, Chime,  Miles, and Feelings were among those who have started to give a new taste to him. And in the earlier of 1990  bands like Warfaze and Feedback formed. Then Isha Khan Duray  got crazy when he heard their first albums. For music he also got into politics.

At a time of his life, he thoughts about the young guns such as Mysteria, Cryptic Fate, Koprophilia, Artcell etc and wanted to do something for them. This was when he got the idea of working with these young guns. He used to see these new bands performing in various clubs and auditoriums in Dhaka, and then he got this idea that, he used to go to G-Series at that time to buy cassettes and CDs and he got connected with the owner, Mr. Khalid and asked him one day if duay could work with the new faces. Thankfully, Mr.Khalid said yes. He helped Cryptic Fate to launch their long awaited second album Srestho in 2002. They have tried for four to five years to launch it and there it was. Before that, though, he got the news that the late Azam Khan have stared to work with new bands. Thanks to his idea duray started to promote new faces to the public and really.

Albums of Isha Khan DurayThe first album, which has been produced by him, was in 2000 titled Charpotro. It was because of brother Azam that he have met some of the bands he was working with. Artcell, Black, Metal Maze were some of the bands whom he’ve met. Then Duray managed two members of each band from Black, Artcell, Metal Maze, Cryptic Fate, and told them to post all the posters everywhere. All of us went to every music store and urged them to promote new bands as most of these bands were releasing their very first songs. he still remember that we used to post all the posters night after night. Mr. Khalid also came and gave him the company. After the release of the album, Ferdous Bappy helped him promote it through Channel I and then on a TV musical program Pepsi Music Express; he took separate interviews of each band. ferdous really helped them a lot. After that Isha Khan Duray released Charpotro (2000), Onushilon (2001), Din Bodol (2002), Projonmo (with Ajam Khan) (2002), Lokayot (2003) and every time he got success.


Now a days Isha Khan Duray is going to released a new album titled  Hatiar. Hatiar is a triple disk mixed album. About 55 songs will be released in this album which are performed by 61 professional and underground bands.

 The line up of the album is:

Cryptic Fate
Metal Maze
Poizon Green
Sent Men Revolt
The Trap
The Que
X Factor
Black Priest
Blue Epoch
Circle of the 6Th
Cremetic X
Dark Fragrance
Lone Rangers
Optic Perception
Rip String
School Of Niloy
Sector 11
Shrapnel Method
Suicide Season

The tracks are: 

Tepantor-Cryptic Fate
Taharat-Silver Spoon
Shadhin Deshe-Psychovina
Ohomika-Sent Men Revolt
Odrishsho Grohoraaj-Minerva
Livn Logun-D.H
Katatare Badha-Palash N Friends (Pnf)
Critix-Minus 2
Biporit Jibon-Seventh Sign
Sriti-Rip String
Shunno Moruddan
Shesh Oddhay
Oddhay Obosheshe-Arava
Noshto Shomaj-Old Days
Neon Alo-Scarecrow
Jalo Aagun-The Trap
Exit To Existence-Duat
Ak Ruddho Bhorer Uddhar-Charkoal
Rong-Heartzrelation Band (Hrb)
Priyotoma-Lone Rangers
Pobitro Paap-Ashes
Okritoggo-Black Priest.mp3 (4.64mb)
Obosheshe-Aborton.mp3 (4.34mb)
Joddha-Zerg.mp3 (4.28mb)
Jaroooj-Gene-Split.mp3 (4.06mb)
Durotto-Aasort.mp3 (4.13mb)
Deep Enough-Suicide Season.mp3 (4.48mb)
Bishonno Bikel-Nagorik.mp3 (4.36mb)
Bangladesh-Asphyxia.mp3 (3.88mb)
Ayna-Poizon Green.mp3 (3.54mb)
Awakened-Hammer Head.mp3 (4.3mb)
Agamir Agontuk-Cadaver.mp3 (4.5mb) 
Adhare Ar Shokale-Breach.mp3 (4.36mb)
A Death Worth Dying-Auflader.mp3 (4.33mb) 
Aaj Theke-Divanweshi.mp3 (4.97mb)
Vabchhi-Akhra.mp3 (3.67mb)
The Dark Philosophy-Middle Earth.mp3 (4.09mb)
Shopnodorshi-Owned.mp3 (3.1mb)
Osposhto Ondhokar-Droho.mp3 (4.06mb)
Ondho Krodh-Necromaniac.mp3 (3.14mb)
Kuasha-Vengeance.mp3 (4.28mb)
Kolpona Bilash-Dark Fragrance.mp3 (4mb)
Ke Tumi Kar-Nirjhor.mp3 (3.78mb)
Ditiyo Shotta-Zeal.mp3 (4.11mb)
Collapse Course-Optic Perception.mp3 (3.87mb)
Chhayabondi-Prakritik.mp3 (3.71mb)
Bullet Er Epash Opash-Circle Of The 6th.mp3 (4.16mb)
Boishakh-De-Illumination.mp3 (4.52mb)
Bangladesh-Nova.mp3 (3.26mb)
Ajob Mitther Jaal-Abhijukto.mp3 (3.98mb)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Aurthohin band was first started in 1993 with huge confidence. I think that, from the beginning the band got popularity. The band is a hard rock and metal band. The main band member of this band is Sumon who is usually known as Bassbaba to his fans. First sumon was the member of Interest (Nogor Baul). Then he leave that band and joined to Warfaze and worked for the album Oshamajik. After that Sumon, Babna, Sanjoy made a project. At that time the name of the project was Sumon o Aurthohin. In 1997 they started a band with Sumon, Tonmoy, Shuvo & Piklu and the band name was Aurthohin. After that all other band members leave te band without sumon and then rafa, kamal & shishir joined the band. Till now, the band released 6 albums. And without this the band released many songs in the mixed albums.  In every time they got more response and huge confidence. Their albums are Trimatrik (2000), Biborton (2001), Notun Diner Michile (2002), Dhrubok (2003), Aushamapto-1 (2008), Aushamapto-2 (2011).
Aurthohin - Aushomapto 1

But in 2004 after releasing their 4th album, Dhrubok Sumon became sick and for that the band was almost stopped.  Sumon got the affiliation from MTD (Michael Tobias Design) and his doctor told him to stop singing permanently.And that time their guitarist Piklu left the band. It was a very difficult time for the band. But the band didn't stop and tried hard to continue the band. Then one time they decided to disband. But I think that the Almighty Allah didn't want it. It was such a miracle that Sumon was getting well. Then Kamal, the guitarist of Warfaze joined this band. After that the band again started for their next mission, their 5th album.

After about 5 years later, in 2008 the band released their 5th album, Aushomapto 1 and it was their another success. The tracks were amazing and from this album they finished the series of Guti. There were also a series track, Chaite Paro 2 & the response from the young generation was awesome. And also added a hard metal song Nikrishto.

After 3 years later the band released their 6th album titled Aushomapto 2. I have no language to describe the success of this album. In my wards it one of the ever green album. There are some series tracks, Anmone 2, Odhbut Shei Chaleti 3, Shurjo 2 & Nikrishto 2. All the credits of the success of Nikrishto & Nikrishto goes to Rafa. All the tracks are unbelievable Last time  and a most unbelievable news all the works of this album were completed by 48 hours only. Now this band is the most popular band in Bangladesh.

Latest line Up :

Sumon - bass, vocal & lyrics writer
Kamal - guitar
Rafa - drums, guitar & vocal
Shishir - guitar & keyboard

Past Members & Other Guest :

Shovon - guitar & vocal(1997-99)
Tonmoy - guitar(1997-99)
Rumi - drums(1997-2000)
Piklu- guitar(1999-2004)
Ponir - guitar(1999-2000)
Rassel - vocal & guitar(1999-2001)
Shuvo - drums(2000-2007)
Jewel(Miles) - guitar & keyboard
Prem - keyboard
Apu(Triloy) - keyboard
Imtiaz(Kronic,Kral) - vocal
Faysal(Metalmaze) - guitar(Touring member)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The New Album Of Artcell X

Artcell is one of the most popular band of Bangladesh. It is a progressive metal band. The band is arguably one of the first mainstream progressive metal band of the country and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as grunge and thrash. It has recently turned ten. The band members were school friends in Dhaka. Ershad used to be the guitarist of a band named Tantrik back in 1999. Current vocalist, Lincoln joined Tantrik just before the group disbanded. They were looking for a bassist and a drummer and then they met Cezanne and Shaju. The members later renamed their band to Artcell in August 1999 and the band was officially formed in November 1999.

Artcell - Lincoln

Artcell's first released song "Odekha swargo" was released in 2001 in a mixed album, titled "Charpotro" and got succeed. Then Artcell released two more songs  "Apshori" and "Dukkhobilash" in the mixed album "Anushilon" in 2002 and the respons was awesome. Then  Artcell's 1st album, "Onno Shomoy" was released in 2002. The instant success of the album brought Artcell in the limelight.After that in April 2006 the 2nd album of this band, "Oniket Prantor" was released and it was also a major success for Artcell.
But during 9 years there is new no album of this band.  Now a days they are working for a new album.But unfortunately a few days ago their founder member and lead guitarist, Ershad Uz Zaman, will no longer be continuing with the band. They are in the middle of recording their 3rd album and the decision has left Artcell wondering whether to continue with the 3rd Album project with a new lead guitarist or call it a day for Artcell. But  still they are working hard for their 3rd album and Saif Al Nazi is working as the lead guitarist.

But some days before there was a change of this band. The band had new line up. So, the band members decided to change their band name. And now the Artcell is Artcell X.

Latest line-up of this album :

Lincoln - vocal
Jamshed - guest vocal
Cezanne - bass guitar
Iqbal Asif Jewel  - lead guitar
Reiad - drummer

Album name and album released date is not declared by Artcell X. You will get soon about this and mp3 songs link.


Monday, June 4, 2012

The New Album Of Warfaze "Shotto"

Warfaze-ShottoWarfaze is one of the most popular  band for their hard rock & progressive metal songs. The emergence of Warfaze defined a new horizonin Bangla music. The have released 7 albums and got succeed. The albums are Poth Chola, Moharaj, Oshamajick, Alo, Obak Valobasha, Jibon Dhara & Warfaze. But during 9 years there is no album of this band. They are working for the album, "Shotto" and the work of the album is almost finished.

Latest line-up of the album, Shotto:

Mizan - vocal
Kamal - lead guitar
Oni - lead guitar
Shamir - lead guitar
Rojar - bass guitar
Tipu - drums
Shams - keyboard and back-up vocal
Tipu - drums and percussion

Warfaze-ShottoTracks in this album are:

             Banglalink Tune

If you need the lyrics of the tracks of this album, click here.

Guitar solos:
            Oni solo (2.40 to 3.03)
            Oni solo (3.21 to 3.39)
            Kamal solo (3.57 to 4.35)

            Oni solo (2.27 to 2.48)
            Kamal solo (2.49 to 3.19)
            Kamal solo (4.42 to 7.18)

Warfaze            Kamal solo (4.51 to 5.34)
            Oni solo (5.34 to 6.16)

            Oni solo (1.47 to 2.01)
            Oni solo (3.41 to 4.18)
            Kamal solo (6.05 to 6.40)

            Kamal solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

            Oni solo (all)

Riff: All riffs played by oni

The songs are performed by warfaze.The sponsor is Banglalink and you can also hear the songs in radio ABC.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dreek, The Band


 Now a days, Dreek is one of the most popular band in Bangladesh. It is a hard rock band with lots of hopes and consisting of talented and seasoned musicians. They are one of the new rock bands that demonstrates professionalism coupled with a lot of promise which was established when they passed the first stage of success came out on the top 4 of DJuice DRockstars in 2007 and was eventually welcomed to become a member of BAMBA. Dreek has already possessed experiance of more than 200 concerts and shows nationalwide. Dreek is surely becoming a prevailing entity in the Bangladesh rock scene.

The members of the Dreek started their band in 2002 but then they just cover other band's song. Dreek covers mostly hard rock numbers of 80's (old school rock), beside those they also cover some heavy metal, country, soft numbers. But in Djuce DRockstars 2007 they proved their tallent. Dreek's first released song, "Opurnota" was released in 2006 in a mixed album, titled "Prarthona" and got succeed. Then in 2008 a mixed album featuring "Rock 101" released a song "Adhar manush" by Dreek and the respons was great. After 2 years in 2010 the band released a song "Khuji Tomay" in the album titeled "Rock Station" and the respons was unbelievable. And at last they released a song titeled "Jhornar moto Chonchol (Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam)" in the online and again the band proved their tallent. Now a days they are going to perform in a concert about guru,azam khan and working for their album. After all the successes at last dreek decided to release their solo album. Now a doys they are working for their solo album. And soon we can get their first album.
Current line up:

Vocal: Saif
Guitar: Mehraz
Guitar: Fahim
Bass: Rahi
Drums: Upal

Album name and album released date is not declared by Dreek. Soon you will get the details.