Monday, June 18, 2012

New Mixed Album, Rock 808 & Rock 909

Iqbal Asif Jewel

One of the most popular mixed album series in Bangladesh is Rock. And the albums are released by Iqbal Asif Jewel. Iqbal Asif Jewel was the guitarist of the legend band Miles. Yet there were released seven albums. The released albums are Rock 101, Rock 202, Rock 303, Rock 404, Rock 505, Rock 606 & Rock 707. Rock compilations are the yearly projects to promote the UG scene of Bangladesh. And soon there are going to released two new albums Rock 808, Rock 909. It will be released in 2012. 

Rock 404 & Rock 505The series albums are very effected for the new and underground bands. From the series of the mixed album many underground and unknown album got publicity. And so that the album series is more popular then other.

The first album of this series was Rock 101 and it was released in 2008. Then the second and third album Rock 202 & Rock 303 albums were released in 15 August, 2009. Almost 100 demos were submitted 20 bands were primary selected for this album. And after that the response of the underground bands was unbelievable. About 200 demos were submitted for the next album. And then 07 september, 2010 the next two albums Rock 404 & Rock 505 were released. Through these albums many underground bands such as Dreek, Power Surge, X Fector etc rise today. And at last in 28 August, 2011 Rock 606 &Rock 707 albums released.

And this year Iqbql Asif Jewel is going to release two more albums of this series titled Rock 808 & Rock 909. For more informations and updates about these albums SMS JEWEL and send to 3636.

Rock 606 & Rock 707


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