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Aurthohin band was first started in 1993 with huge confidence. I think that, from the beginning the band got popularity. The band is a hard rock and metal band. The main band member of this band is Sumon who is usually known as Bassbaba to his fans. First sumon was the member of Interest (Nogor Baul). Then he leave that band and joined to Warfaze and worked for the album Oshamajik. After that Sumon, Babna, Sanjoy made a project. At that time the name of the project was Sumon o Aurthohin. In 1997 they started a band with Sumon, Tonmoy, Shuvo & Piklu and the band name was Aurthohin. After that all other band members leave te band without sumon and then rafa, kamal & shishir joined the band. Till now, the band released 6 albums. And without this the band released many songs in the mixed albums.  In every time they got more response and huge confidence. Their albums are Trimatrik (2000), Biborton (2001), Notun Diner Michile (2002), Dhrubok (2003), Aushamapto-1 (2008), Aushamapto-2 (2011).
Aurthohin - Aushomapto 1

But in 2004 after releasing their 4th album, Dhrubok Sumon became sick and for that the band was almost stopped.  Sumon got the affiliation from MTD (Michael Tobias Design) and his doctor told him to stop singing permanently.And that time their guitarist Piklu left the band. It was a very difficult time for the band. But the band didn't stop and tried hard to continue the band. Then one time they decided to disband. But I think that the Almighty Allah didn't want it. It was such a miracle that Sumon was getting well. Then Kamal, the guitarist of Warfaze joined this band. After that the band again started for their next mission, their 5th album.

After about 5 years later, in 2008 the band released their 5th album, Aushomapto 1 and it was their another success. The tracks were amazing and from this album they finished the series of Guti. There were also a series track, Chaite Paro 2 & the response from the young generation was awesome. And also added a hard metal song Nikrishto.

After 3 years later the band released their 6th album titled Aushomapto 2. I have no language to describe the success of this album. In my wards it one of the ever green album. There are some series tracks, Anmone 2, Odhbut Shei Chaleti 3, Shurjo 2 & Nikrishto 2. All the credits of the success of Nikrishto & Nikrishto goes to Rafa. All the tracks are unbelievable Last time  and a most unbelievable news all the works of this album were completed by 48 hours only. Now this band is the most popular band in Bangladesh.

Latest line Up :

Sumon - bass, vocal & lyrics writer
Kamal - guitar
Rafa - drums, guitar & vocal
Shishir - guitar & keyboard

Past Members & Other Guest :

Shovon - guitar & vocal(1997-99)
Tonmoy - guitar(1997-99)
Rumi - drums(1997-2000)
Piklu- guitar(1999-2004)
Ponir - guitar(1999-2000)
Rassel - vocal & guitar(1999-2001)
Shuvo - drums(2000-2007)
Jewel(Miles) - guitar & keyboard
Prem - keyboard
Apu(Triloy) - keyboard
Imtiaz(Kronic,Kral) - vocal
Faysal(Metalmaze) - guitar(Touring member)



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