Friday, June 1, 2012

Dreek, The Band


 Now a days, Dreek is one of the most popular band in Bangladesh. It is a hard rock band with lots of hopes and consisting of talented and seasoned musicians. They are one of the new rock bands that demonstrates professionalism coupled with a lot of promise which was established when they passed the first stage of success came out on the top 4 of DJuice DRockstars in 2007 and was eventually welcomed to become a member of BAMBA. Dreek has already possessed experiance of more than 200 concerts and shows nationalwide. Dreek is surely becoming a prevailing entity in the Bangladesh rock scene.

The members of the Dreek started their band in 2002 but then they just cover other band's song. Dreek covers mostly hard rock numbers of 80's (old school rock), beside those they also cover some heavy metal, country, soft numbers. But in Djuce DRockstars 2007 they proved their tallent. Dreek's first released song, "Opurnota" was released in 2006 in a mixed album, titled "Prarthona" and got succeed. Then in 2008 a mixed album featuring "Rock 101" released a song "Adhar manush" by Dreek and the respons was great. After 2 years in 2010 the band released a song "Khuji Tomay" in the album titeled "Rock Station" and the respons was unbelievable. And at last they released a song titeled "Jhornar moto Chonchol (Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam)" in the online and again the band proved their tallent. Now a days they are going to perform in a concert about guru,azam khan and working for their album. After all the successes at last dreek decided to release their solo album. Now a doys they are working for their solo album. And soon we can get their first album.
Current line up:

Vocal: Saif
Guitar: Mehraz
Guitar: Fahim
Bass: Rahi
Drums: Upal

Album name and album released date is not declared by Dreek. Soon you will get the details.


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