Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Concert In "Russian Cultural Society" Organizer by "The Bengal Regiment"

The Bengal Regiment

After 5 months in hibernation. The most extreme and brutal gig of this summer. Featuring one of the biggest and best death metal act of this continent Severe Dementia, Followed by the badass thrashers from Thrash along with the merciless raw thrashers from Dissector. Joining them is Homicide, a rising technical death metal act of the country. Also witness ruthless thrash attack by Exalter and thrash maniacs Sacrilege. This concert is not for weak-hearted people but for the people who loves their metal real, heavy and extreme. This show is also about celebrating 11 deadly years of Severe Dementia. The band is going for long break so be present to witness the merciless assault or you will not be be able to see them any anytime sooner. Cheers

The Concert arranged by " The Bengal Regiment "

Date: 15 June 2013 (Saturday)
Venue: Russian Cultural Centre
Ticket Price: 250 BDT
Gate Open: 2:45 PM
Show Starts: 3:00 PM

The Bengal RegimentTickets will be available at the venue. If tickets will be sold before the show, we'll inform the time and place.

The Lineup of This Concert:

    Severe Dementia

Few other things which u probably know but still listed below as a formality:
(sorry but we don't make the rule)

  • No drugs or alcohol and not even marijuana is allowed inside the venue.  
  • No smoking when you are inside the R.C.C. auditorium.
  • Only physical violence should be limited to moshing and stage diving nothing else.
  • There is an adequate amount of space for you to unleash your metalness but do not damage or mutilate the venue property.
  • Lastly Metal is is the music of standing against what's wrong and we expect nothing less from you.


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