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The First Live Album of Karnival, Dysfunctional Motion Picture is going to release Internationally

Dysfunctional Motion Picture

Karnival, Bangladeshi experimental rock/grunge rock band is going to release their third album, Dysfunctional Motion Picture. But you can’t believe that they're going to release the album worldwide. The milestone of Karnival reaches first international album. And only that’s not the end; they're going to do something different. This album is a Live Album and all the tracks are instrumental. February 24th afternoon, the members hit the Studio without having any specific plans on their mind. With everything being composed instantly on that very moment. Karnival came out with 9 track by leaving the studio on 10 PM that very night! Also these are going to be the tracks for an 'Art Film'. The total live recording was done at Incursion Studio and later on additional works, edits, the mixing and mastering were added on The Studio Basement. It is going to be karnival’s first International Album. Yeah I know what you're thinking right now; what the hell did they do that day. In their second album, Attotshorgo their genre was experimental rock along with progressive rock and now in this album their genre is experimental rock with a little bit stoner rock.

Line up

     The Latest Lineup:

         Khalid Ashraf – Drums
         Mousum Dhamai - Bass
         Salmi Rahman - Guitars
         Tinu Rashid – Vocals and Guitars

Karnival is four aspiring musicians from Bangladesh. They're the persons who all share their dedicated love in a wide range of music - starting from The Beatles to 70s prog/psychedelic platform to 90s grunge & post-britpop scenario to modern-day groups like Radiohead. This diversity resulted in the experimental attitude Karnival lately adopted in their song writing. Originally formed in 2006, the band had to wait until it could stick to a permanent line-up in the second year of its existence. On September 19, 2009 Karnival came up with the debut solo album 'Indraloy' from Fahim Music. Nevertheless, the following year Karnival attempted a sudden change in the line-up & settled down at the present one. This is considered by many as the transformation of the band due to their apparent musical switch from the previous works based on sound, originality & experimentation.On September 20, 2012 - Karnival released their highly anticipated solo album 'Attotshorgo' from G-Series.  They also worked in a renowned band mix album, Republic and released a track, Bikrito Drishti.

Indraloy   The Tracks of Indraloy:

           01. Tader Shopno
           02. Shada Kalo Rongdhonu
           03. Bhabnar Nil Rong
           04. Amar Shotto
           05. Bidhatar Ahobban
           06. Bikkhoto
           07. Dure
           08. Tomay (Instrumental)

    The Tracks of Attotshorgo:

           01. Attotshorgo
           02. Shobuj Bagan
           03. Bhogmonoshkota
           04. Bijatio
           05. Opodebota
           06. Otit
           07. Obantor
           08. Gholatey
           09. Oshom Baro

Karnival was formed on 13 July, 2006. The band have much influence from The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Camel, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Guns n' Roses, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, Tool, Opeth, A Perfect Circle, Blackfield, Chelsea Wolfe.

Dysfunctional Motion Picture


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