Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Velvet Wings, A Bangladeshi Rock Band of Bangladesh

 A Bangladeshi rock band founded in 2008 have changed lineup many times.  And at last now they've new lineup to continue their journey properly. They've performed in many concert as an underground band. The band is influenced by Guns N Roses, Creed, Alter Bridge, U2, Dream Theater, Poets of The Fall, AC/DC, LRB, Warfaze, Miles, De-illumination. They’re famous for their released track, Tomari Jonno. The band is Velvet Wings. Now they’re working for their first solo album. I think they’ll succeed for their talent.

The Latest Lineup:

    Voice & guitar - Raj
    Lead guitar & Backing voice - Tushar
    Drums - Nazeid
    Keys - Rifat
    Bass  - Saife

    Photographer - Mridha Saiful
    Online promoter - Rehan Kabir

Ex-Band Members:




Key board:

As they changed the lineup, the history of this band is very complex. This band was formed back in 2008 with the genre heavy metal; when Nazeid, Tushar and Rana were in Dhaka City College. At that time, the name of this band was "Metal Militia" suggested by Rana. Later, Shahed joined with us as a vocal. But as he didn't satisfy us so they had to tell him good bye after a few number of jamming sessions. They felt that they need another guitarist for covering Megadeth & Metallica numbers. Then they found Rocky who started to play with us as a lead guitarist cum vocal. After 6 months, Rana left Metal Militia and joined another band. In January 2010, Metal Militia reformed with Rocky, Nazeid and Anik. In the same time Mishu joined with us as a vocal.

In May 22nd 2010 Rocky (guitarist), went to Italy for completing his graduation. And in July 25th 2010, Anik (bassist) was dismissed for his insincerity. In January 9th 2011, Raj joined with us as a new guitarist and Dip as a new bass guitarist while Rumel was playing the role of the vocalist.

They started a fresh new journey and changed their genre to "Rock/Alternative Rock". Raj suggested few good names for the band and everyone selected "VELVET WINGS" from there. At the end part of year 2011, vocal Rumel went to Germany for completing his studies. Velvet Wings had to stop jamming for few months.

On December 2011, Nazeid asked Raj (guitarist) to become the vocalist for the band. Raj agreed. And Velvet Wings started to jam again. But after few months, Dip left the band for some personal reasons. On March 2012, Sazzad joined us as a bassist. On November 2012, Rifat (Prottush) filled in as a keyboardist.On December 2012, bassist Asad left the band for some personal problem. After that on February 26, 2013, Saife Johan joined Velvet Wings as a bassist. And they are still continuing the journey together.


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