Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aushruto’s First Solo Album, Nirban.


Aushruto is a Bangladeshi Rock band. There is also a bit progressive touch in their music. They started their journey from 2007. But in such few time they have much popularity. Especially they are known to all for their first released track, Sporsho in a mix album, The Last Era. Recently they have released their first solo album, Nirban. I think you'll like the tracks. The tracks and the music is different from others. The album was released from  incursion music.

Aushruto’s First Solo Album, Nirban.
The Tracks of Nirban:

      01. Nirban
      02. Olikhito Dukkho
      03. Mone Pore
      04. Dhulo Pora
      05. Onupran
      06. Wisper To Survive
      07. Shomadhir Moto
      08. Karigor [Tribute to Humayun Ahmed]
      09. Kothay?
      10. Ekush Niye
      11. Shesh Aabeg

Aushruto is influenced by Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron maiden, Scorpions, and so on…..But they are interested in rock or progressive rock music. The band is fulfill for their lineup. Each member is a piece of mirror. So one can see other fours in his own reflect. By this five different reflects they extend themselves with an exquisite symphony.

The Latest Lineup of Aushruto

The Latest Lineup:

Shimon - Vocal & Keys
Sunny - Drums & Percussion
Sehan - Bass
Ishat - Guitar
Zami - Guitar


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