Monday, April 22, 2013

Classic Rock Band, Moruvumi And Their First Solo Album Jiboner Srotee

Moruvumi And Jiboner Srotee

Moruvumi is a Bangladeshi classic rock band. There are a very few classic rock bands in Bangladesh. But among them Moruvumi is one of the best I’ve ever seen. They have only released an unreleased track, Protikkhar Prohor in Fm. And from that they have acquired much popularity that anyone can even make such in first time. And after the great success, now they are going to release their first solo album, Jiboner Srote. They have almost finished their album work and the album will release in May, 2013. I think from this album they will succeed because they have promised talents in it.

The Tracks of this Album:

    01. Jiboner Srotee
    02. Oshohay
    03. Tomakey
    04. Metho Poth
    05. Mukhosh
    06. Shunnota
    07. Manobota
    08. Choto Bela 
    09. Protikkhar Prohor [Released in FM]

In 2009 some school friends founded a band named BlackHole. Then for some reasons and technical problems some band members also joined as well as left. Then in 2009, from the reunion of CHL (Commerce Help Line) the band has come at lime light with the new name as Moruvumi. And again there became some ups and downs and the lineup was changed again. From then the band Moruvumi permanently found a lineup. After that they are trying to keep their promises. Cause the band has promised talents in music. The influence of this band is not a single band or not any single person. Cause they are influenced by each and every musician. But after that they are highly inspired by Metallica,Iron maiden, pink Floyd ,Guns N' Roses, Opeth, Dream theater , Warfaze, Scorpions ,Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles…..etc.

Latest Lineup of MoruvumiThe Latest Lineup:

       Saif - Vocal
       Sujan - Guitar 
       Mamnun - Guitar 
       Rehan - Drums
       Plabon - Keys
       Ferdows - Bass 


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