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Country Musical Band, Joler Gaan And Their First Album Otol Joler Gaan

Joler Gaan

Joler Gaan is a Bangladeshi folk band. They write pure rural bangla lyrics and use rural and country instrumentals. They are performing countries by expressing and manifesting our own culture. We know our culture has a huge collection of folk music (locally known Baul Gaan, Pala Gaan, Jatra Gaan, Mati o Manusher Gaan etc).  Joler Gaan is working on folk Song. Every song of Joler Gaan are based on natural thing. Some song of Joler Gaan are listed below which are got most popularity. And they have recently released their first album, Otol Joler Gaan in Pahela Boishakh.

Joler Gaan And Their First Album Otol Joler Gaan

 The Tracks of this Album:

        01. Patar Gaan
        02. Dure Thaka Megh
        03. Brishtir Gaan
        04. Kagoger Nouka
        05. Bokul Ful
        06. Aayna [Anusheh Anadil]
        07. Jhora Patar Gaan
        08. Urcchi Keno?
        09. Ronger Gaan
        10. Emon Jodi Hoto
        11. Baula Batash

Joler Gaan started their journey in 2004. Rahul, Kanak, Jarnal and Xem started the journey of Joler Gaan. This band is came from Dhaka University. Firstly they performed in side of roads, TSC and All over the campus of Dhaka University. And they were interested in our cultural and country music. Every country has their country musical band. But there was not any country musical band in Bangladesh. So they strated their journey to protect our country music and spread our country music in the whole world.

The Latest Line of Joler GaanThe Latest Line Up:

Rahul Anand - vocals, flutes, dotara,
                         noyontara, pianica

Kanak Aditya - vocals, banjo, tarabaan 
Saiful Jarnal – vocals, percussions 
Shariful Islam - violin 
ABS Xem – vocals, guitar 
Sanjay - chondrabaan 
Rana sarwar - cajon, percussions 
Shyamal Karmakar -dhol, drums 
Fazlul Kader Chowdhury Mithu - Sound Engineer 

They started our music career in 2006. Since then they performed around the country and beyond the boundary as well. However no record company has yet approached them or shown any interest to release their songs in their banners. Nevertheless if any record label still wishes to appear in the horizon for them, they will be, only too delighted to work with them. The cost for the album has been borne exclusively by Joler Gaan members, from the performance remuneration we have earned over the years. They would like to generate a positive message for the next generation, that money can never be an obstacle for good work.
Joler Gaan


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