Saturday, April 20, 2013

Theatrical Rock Band, Theatrical And Their First Album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto

Theatrical is an upcoming band with a very rare and unexpected genre, Theatrical rock. This band became famous because of their isolated and spiritual music. This band is influenced by Moheener Ghoraguli, LRB, Vikings, Iron Maiden, Dio, Porcupine Tree, Guns N Roses....etc. From this we can understand that their music may be spiritual type. And now they have released their first solo album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto.

They founder members of this band is Galib Azim (Father of Theatrical Rock) and Biddut Rahman. They are almost eight years experienced about this type of music. Cause they are also founder member of a renowned band, Shohortoli. Shohortoli is such the best theatrical band in Bangladesh. But now  Galib Azim and Biddut Rahman have left Shohortoli due some personal reasons and some technical problem of the band. And then they started Theatrical Band on the middle of the last year. And then after almost a year they have released their first album, Onibarjo Karon Boshoto.

The tracks of this album:

04.Ondho Tirondaj
05.Ekla Valobashi
07.Shuhure brishti
08.Biday Balerina
09.Raat Prohori

 The tracks of this album is written by Galib Azam except Utpakhi and Ekla Valobashi. We're expection this album will be awesome and we all are going to enjoy such the spiritual tracks.

The latest line up of this band:

Galib Azim - Lead Vocal, Song Writer
Biddut Rahman - Vocal, Guitar, Band Management
Kazi Manam- Guitar, Back Vocals
BasharAtanu - Keyboard, Studio and Recordings, Tour Coordinator
Pintu Ahmed - Bass Guitar, Accounts
Rakib Hassan - Drums
Photographer - Ridwan Adid Rupon

The latest line up of Theatrical


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Wow, you guys work hard to get all this info collected and organized, and its great! Only thing is, you should consider moving to a better platform than blogspot - it has not really evolved to provide much in terms of good themes. With a nicer layout and your own domain and some tweak in search optimization, might get a larger audience. Nice, as a music fan(atic), I am happy. Keep it up guys. Consider approaching the bands for snippets of their music too - since their photos or reviews only go so far.

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