Thursday, April 18, 2013

Funeral Anthem's First Album Oprotiroddho

Funeral Anthem

Funeral Anthem, a Bangladeshi power metal band influenced by several Symphonic Power metal and Neoclassical bands started their musical life by releasing their first solo album, Oprotiroddho. They have released their album for a few d

ays and now we can feel their success. This album is released by INCURSION.

Arunav Shuvro and Tawsif Haider, the founder members started their tour during 2007 along with the bassist, Tanvir Kaium. They started jamming several heavy metal tracks, forming a heavy metal band called Metalloids. After developing their personal skills they wanted to make an Extreme Power Metal and Symphonic Metal. Then the quest for finding a keyboardist with the capability of playing with raw speed as well as delivering alleviated key feels began. After several searches and auditions, all that the members got was frustrating results. Finally after one year of laborious search they found Maruf Rashid Khan. Then vocal Faiyaz Hossain, finally agreed to lead the band and then Funeral Anthem was finally finding its shape and was later joined by Nayeem Abdullah Oyon as the drummer who could detonate drum blasts just like the way the founder members wanted. With a complete line-up, Funeral Anthem was ready to explode. With perfection in the horizon, the time is right for this band to make it big.

The latest line up:

Faiyaz Hossain - Vocals
Arunav Shuvro - Lead Guitars
Tawsif Hyder - Lead Guitars
Foysal Ahamed Tanim (Pavel ) - Bass Guitar
Nayeem Oyon - Drums and Percussions
Maruf R. Khan - Keyboards

In March 29, 2008 the band started their tour by getting success. They released their first track Shomadhi in a band mix album, Rock 505. That was their first success. Then after two years, in 2013 they have released their first album, Oprotiroddho. They were able to show their talent in this album. And for that many people became fan of this band.

                                                                 The tracks of Oprotiroddho:

                   01. Funeral Anthem - Prologue
                   02. Funeral Anthem - Bangladesh
                   03. Funeral Anthem - Oprotiroddho
                   04. Funeral Anthem - Chaiya
                   05. Funeral Anthem - Jolodosshu
                   06. Funeral Anthem - Shitol Shujjo
                   07. Funeral Anthem - Intermizzo
                   08. Funeral Anthem - Ontim Jatra
                   09. Funeral Anthem - Ahobban
                   10. Funeral Anthem - Tiktiki
                   11. Funeral Anthem - Khobh

The band is mostly known for branding this new style of Power Metal music in Bangladesh. The band finessed the Power Metal movement in this country with its distinctive style of song writing that included one of a kind keyboard orchestrations and synth work. The main aim was perfection and pure dedication towards what they wanted to and what they are doing now.

Funeral Anthem


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