Monday, April 1, 2013

Upcoming Thrash/Groove Metal Band, Minerva


This upcoming thrash/groove metal band has already enrich many things and it just prove their popularity but also their talent. They performed in many live shows. Now a days they have released their solo track, Odrissho GrohoraajMritturShesh 6 and two serial videos named Making Of The Tribute (In The Studio) in two parts. From this they have earned many of their popularity. But before everything they have proved their talent in Battle of Bands in 2011. Their guitarist, Sultan Rafsan Khan won as the best guitarist and their drummer, Tawfiq Ahmed Bijoy won as best drummer.
Minerva about Battle of BandsMinerva started their tour of their band in 21 february, 2009. But before, Bijoy and Rafsan have been jamming for almost 3 years n on the other hand Ishmi and Nabil have been in another project. As they were looking for sumthing different Shohan came and took control of the Band & the situation by introducing us. Thus they jammed together and it was like an icing on the cake. Everything came together and fell into places and we all felt an element of sheer confidence running through their veins like never before. They figured that they wanted to stay together through the music we share....We want to shape and redefine music in Bangladesh Music Scenario. But in January 2010 Ashiq left the Band due to studies. In May 2010 Niloy Kabir from Unscarred joined the band as the replacement for Ashiq...He made his debut with the band at 1st May at "ARUNODOY" SSC batch community 2010. In June 2011 Niloy Kabir left the Band and Injamamul Haque Galib Joined the Band.

Latest lineup of MinervaThe latest lineup of this band:

Ishtiak Tanvir Ishmi - Vocals
Sultan Rafsan Khan - Guitars
Injamamul Haque Galib - Guitars
Nayeel Risat - Bass Guitar
Tawfiq Ahmed Bijoy - Drums
Shohan Al Masud - Band Manager

The Daily Independent published about live performance Minerva

The Daily Independent published about live performance the band is They Came, They Sang And They Conquered. This band was influenced by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, Lamb Of God, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Kreator, Children Of Bodom, Mudvayne, Dream theater and many others.


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